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About Us

Planet Pets is a private company owned by Mr. Sikander Singh & Ms Preeti Sharma.Mr Sikander has been into breeding and showing Rottweilers for more than 28 years thereby having not only a first-hand experience and deep understanding of pets but also their needs and behavioural pattern. Having participated in a number of dogs shows worldwide and also campaigning for the animals made him realize the compromise being made with respect to pet products and pet care in India.

We Believe

Thus, motivating him to think of a revolution in the pet industry which is the need of the hour for our country in order to compete globally. Ms Preeti is pet lover and busness women.

We Achieve

Planet Pets has been established in collaboration with European Countries with an aim to make our own research based high end quality Indian pet products not only as per the requirements of the pet industry but also keeping in mind the well-being of the pets.