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FRESH WHITE is high quality natural PH balanced shampoo specially developed to retain and enhance the natural white color of dogs and cats. This shampoo is curated especially to help keep the dog’s white and silky. This product is natural and paraben free .Hence tremendously effective in preventing hair fall & Shedding. Get home the comfort your dog needs and deserves. Make your dog’s hair look silky and shiny and eradicate the foul smell of dog fur and give it a fresh feel and fragrance.

Main Features:

  1. Retain & enhances natural white hair color  naturally
  2. The product is highly effective against seasonal hair loss and shedding.
  3. Enriched with essential oils and natural omega 3
  4. This product is free of harmful product like paraben, heavy oils, SLS and other toxic products.
  5. Enhances the quality and color of the fur and retains the natural shine.
  6. Prevent dryness

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